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Applications are closed. They will open for reserved applicants only on October 1st at 12:01AM EST and open for everyone on October 3rd at 12:01AM EST.

Before applying for a character, make sure you've read the rules and FAQ. You should also refer to the application guide to see what we're looking for in our applications. You may apply for one character per application cycle and three characters total. Please put your character's name and canon in the subject line of your application comment. Applications must be posted directly to this post and cannot be links. We will screen your application if you request it of us after we review it.

Application challenges are allowed, but someone who did not place a reserve challenge cannot challenge a reserved application. Once reservations expire, an application challenge can only be placed before we process the character application of the applicant you would like to challenge.

In the event of us nearing our application cap and having more applications than slots, we will attempt to choose the most well-written applications. First-time applicants will be processed first, then applications for second characters, and finally applications for third characters. We may allow more applications to be submitted than we have slots for in the name of greater selection. We will clarify in our response if an application is not being allowed into the game because of the cap or because of issues with the application not meeting the standards of the game.

Canon Character Application

Original Character Application


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Vriska Serket | Homestuck | Reserved

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Player Information

Name: Louise
Age: Old. Old as BALLS
Contact Info: [ profile] derpriffic
Other Characters: Tim Wright and Angel

Character Information

Name: Vriska Serket
Canon: Homestuck. I'm sorry.
Age: 6 sweeps (13-14 years old) at her canon point
Gender: Female
Canon Point: [S] Vriska: Watch street tough maverick with nothing to lose.
Background Link: Let me tell you about Homestuck.
And Vriska in particular.
Inventory: Just the clothes she's wearing - a t-shirt bearing a scorpio symbol, a grey overshirt with one arm ripped off, jeans and a pair of sweet red sneakers. Everything else was in her sylladex, which isn't coming along with her for obvious reasons. SUCKS TO BE HER.

Personality: Awful. You can honestly just stop reading now, the rest of this section is just reinforcing that.

Still here? Okay, your choice. As I was saying, Vriska is awful. Troll society tends to encourage a level of awfulness in general, to be fair, but - as with everything she does - Vriska takes it to extremes. She can't be content with just being an aggressive, selfish little brat: she has to be the best at that. Fortunately for her (and unfortunately for everyone else), she's exceptionally talented at being an unlikable little shit. Vriska thrives on attention, both good and bad, and it's just so much easier to get people to hate her than it is to get them to love her. This mindset betrays the deep insecurity and lack of self-worth that lies at her core, but shh. We'll get to that later. For now, we're concentrating on the fact that she's a complete shitbird.

So. About that shitbirdiness. As well as being self-centred and attention-hungry, Vriska is completely and utterly rubbish at thinking her actions through. Sure, she's good at coming up with ideas and wild plans - but accurately predicting (or even considering) the consequences of them? Yeah, not so much. She'd like to think that she's an accomplished schemer, but in reality she's a very impulsive child and that bites her in the ass on a regular basis. Mad at Tavros being a wimpy spineless weenie? Mind control him off a cliff! Omnipotent spacedog trying to track the trolls down and murder them? Well boy howdy, it sure does look like it's time to make sure that Vriska is personally reponsible for creating him so it will be suitably dramatic when she goes off by herself to kill him!

Vriskalogic is special. And leads to her doing a lot of bad things. She is often quick to apologise for the things she does (albeit not necessarily in the most heartfelt way), but doesn't quite grasp the fact that a quick "sorry" doesn't instantly make everything alright again. Similarly, she will often try to "help" people in incredibly hurtful ways and then fail to understand why they aren't grateful for it. An example of this would be her treatment of Tavros. Part of the reason behind her bullying him was to make him stronger, even though she clearly also had less altruistic reasons for her actions (see: attention-seeking mixed with the tremendous emotional clusterfuck that is troll romance). Sure, she's an abusive sack of shit! But the ends justify the means, right?

(No, they don't, Vriska is awful. AWFUL. A W F U L.)

It's a wonder she ever managed to make friends at all, really. Even Doc Scratch tells her that he doesn't know why the other trolls waste their camaraderie on her. Vriska can be a lot of fun, though, despite her huge heap of personality defects! Her all-or-nothing nature is often tiresome, but it also manifests in boundless enthusiasm when she enjoys something. As long as people can keep up with her jumping into situations headfirst and taking all the risks (all of them!), it's incredibly hard to be bored with her around. Even if that's not necessarily a good thing.

Vriska isn't all bad, then. Just mostly bad. As stated, many of her actions are well-meaning in theory if not in practice. She desperately wants to be a hero, not only for the prestige involved but also because she wants to be able to protect people. At one point John calls her out on her mass sacrifice of the dreambubble ghosts, being understandably shaken by her throwing their unlives away with very little regret. Vriska is genuinely hurt by this, frostily explaining that it's their best shot at stopping Lord English and that she has done it for the greater good. She believes that you don't have to be a good person to be a hero, and that someone like her has to ignore people judging their actions and to do their best regardless.

A statement like that shows pretty clearly that Vriska doesn't think of herself as a good person. She seems to dislike troll society as a whole, to the point where she's described in-story as an "apocalypse buff." This is a girl who dislikes her culture so much that she researches world-ending mythology and produces (shitty, malfunctioning) doomsday devices in her spare time. This dislike is particularly evident after Vriska is able to compare her life to the way humans live, and it's pretty clear that she regrets what life on Alternia has made her become. Not that most people would ever realise this, of course - Vriska has a massive ego when it comes to the things she's good at. She's obsessed with "8eing the 8est," exaggerating her own self-confidence in order to draw attention away from parts of herself she is less thrilled about. Predictably, this only serves to make her seem even more self-obsessed and abrasive than she really is. Her fear of being seen as weak is a major factor here, as she is prone to both talking herself up and putting others down in her efforts to avoid that.

Her need to avoid being "weak" is also at the root of Vriska's belief in fate and luck. She's fine with admitting that she has problems, but she has the need to blame them on forces outside her control. For example - she stands on a d4 shortly after her introduction, hurting her foot. Does she accept this as a natural consequence of her leaving her things all over the floor instead of tidying up after herself? Hell no. It's because of her shitty rotten no-good luck, of course! Similarly, while she's quick to apologise to her friends when she mistreats them, she's always full of excuses when doing so. She shouldn't have crippled Tavros, but it was the White Text Guy's fault. She's sorry for killing Aradia, but she was totally left with no choice. She's sorry for blinding Terezi, but... The list goes on and on. Learning to accept responsibility for her actions is a large part of her character arc, and it's notable that she only manages to do so late in the story - after she gains the power to influence luck, showing her that it's not as all-powerful a force as she always imagined.

Also she's awful DID I MENTION SHE'S AWFUL.

Flavor Abilities: Uhhhh. Trolls are hilariously hard to kill (until plot demands otherwise), so I'd like her to retain a little of that? She'll no longer be able to shrug off losing an arm or anything of that nature, but she's not as fragile as an adolescent bundle of twigs should be.

Nothing else, though. All her god tier shit (including the wings) is outta here, as are her mind control powers and vision eightfold. Fuck you, Vriska, you little shitbag this is what you fucking get fuck you fuCK YOU

Suitability: The trolls' homeworld, Alternia, is fucking awful and Vriska is used to surviving on her own in incredibly hostile conditions. She's not used to the snow part, but whatever. Not being able to fight the monsters here is going to be weird as hell, but she'll deal.

She also spent most of her childhood killing other trolls (to feed her mom) and taking their sweet loot. That habit is something she's fallen out of recently, but it's not something she'd shy away from doing again if she had to. Morality!!

RP Samples: YEAH!!!!!!!!
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you were supposed to reject me I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE

this journal yo